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The Horn come out strongly with their new song about the bombardment of too many things plaguing us

The Horn
The Horn

The London based group which has garnered great reception from a newly found audience over relatively little time, The Horn aims to effectively pass on their philosophy of life with their music. Known for their efficacious vocal performances and beautiful guitar riffs that always manage to stamp themselves in the listener's mind.

"The melody will remind you of The Strokes, the vocals feel fresh sounding extremely unique and the drums almost give the flushed out feelings carried by Isaac Hayes' music. Overall, the track is a joy to listen."

Their new single 'Too many moments' has been produced by the legendary Danton Supple, the man who has produced numerous Coldplay tracks. The track starts out with beautiful complimenting guitar melodies and the vocals dive in at what feels like the perfect time for them to step in. Jonny Taylor absolutely pours his heart out in this one. Also the bass on this is something to really be appreciated, it isn't noticed right from the get go, but it is doing a lot to the listener subconsciously. 'Too many moments' is about the madness that comes with the existence of surplus of everything that surrounds us. It is an apt commentary on the immoderate means of living we have been facing these days. With too much written on our to-do lists, too many lovers, too many missed opportunities, etc.

Definitely give this one a listen as it is one of the most relatable tracks you'll hear and added to this, it is a joy to listen to.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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