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Sundown Serenade: Soft Rock's Ode to Dusk and Days Gone By with La Need Machine's 'These Old Jeans'

La Need Machine is back with yet another summery release,' These Old Jeans'! Hailing from the vibrant streets of Seattle, La Need Machine is emerging as a rising band that is accessing the genre of genre-bending and artistic exploration. Combining musical inferences from a plethora of genres like indie rock, American, indie pop, and punk rock-and-roll, they add a brand new dimension to Seattle Sound. Led by the lead guitarist Al, co-lead singers and partners Brian and Elise. As individuals with a knack for catchy hooks and inspiring lyrics, they are also supporting the charity to a wide-ranging list of artists. With so much mentioned in their glory, let's give a listen to La Need Machine's new sound!

La Need Machine
La Need Machine

Notions of nostalgia wrapped into gaining clarity of thoughts, this is a soft letter of appreciating one's will to change in life.

A testament to pure understanding and love, the first paragraph in the track starts with reminiscing golden past events, where the old jeans are a metaphor for the old glories that seem to strike a chord with the protagonist. Stories of right and wrong, about how one was searching for the light whilst they were already in its vicinity. From describing early adventures like riding bikes, racing cars, and being clueless early on in life only to find out everything would make sense after a certain point.

Test this nostalgic melody down below -

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