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Stellar Sync: Decode the Patterned Pulses of Carsten Schell's 'Heiss!'

Carsten Schell returns to the music scene with the neon glimmers of his brand new EDM venture 'Heiss!'. As someone who surprised the critics with his debut album 'Adjust' in the year 1992, Carsten is a force to be reckoned with. As someone who is considered one of the most revolutionary artists in the facet of BSC music, his signature und is also being compared to the geniuses of Vangelis and Jean-Micheal-Jaree. With more than a decade-long career behind him, let's witness the extravaganza of this new release!

Carsten Schell
Carsten Schell

A very smooth-gliding robotic tale of funk and disco reimagined, this is a voyage of high electronic beams that simply feel good.

'Heiss!' is a supernova disco glam number that merges the sound of the 90s with modern-day electronica, sending gushes of serotonin down the spine of listeners. Full of fun-loving highs and lows, this almost sounds distinctly surreal, as if transporting you into an intergalactic venture of immensely dreamy vibes. The sound is an articulation of coolness, trying to breeze away all the hotness from climate change, teleporting you into cool bergs of freshness and excitement. This is super fun, and will amp up the dancefloor!

Test this disco melody down below -

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