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Steel Storm: Hard Rock's Dynamic Dive into Armored Core VI's Battlefield with Parham Gharvaisi's 'Fatal Wings'

Get ready to be amazed, As Parham Gharvaisi returns to the masses with his hard metal agony in his brand new release, 'Fatal Wings'! As someone who initially stepped into the hard metal scene as a solo instrumental project with the release of his debut album 'Identity Cipher', Gharvaisi has gone through an artistic shapeshift of his musical identity, from his style transitioning into hard metal to becoming one of the most power-packed forces to be reckoned with!

Parham Gharvaisi
Parham Gharvaisi

As the name suggests, this symbolizes immense power, and undying determination and caters to the spirit of challenge.

'Fatal Wings', derives inspiration from the soul-reckoning notions of the artistic marvel of the game Armored Core VI, which depicts the hyperrealistic notions of a world that is entirely developed by an interstellar civilisation. Set in the futuristic notions, this unveils uncertainty, as in the visual on the frontier of a planet known as Rubicon 3, science reaches the epitome of immaculate possibilities with the discovery of the substance known as Coral that has dual roles of an energy source and a mode of data conduct. Emerging as a pure work of fiction, this garners the perfect amount of cinematic curiosity, the energy of a climax scene and the electrifying synths of hard metal, thanks to the admirable duality of Parham's vocals. Overall, this is an experience I am amazed by and would highly recommend as a must-listen!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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