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Rockin Granny's Decree: Fun-Loving Synths of Madam Who?'s 'Peter Meter'!

Redefining societal norms, the cool aunt Madam Who? returns to the masses with her much-awaited release,' Peter Meter'! An awe-inspiring humanist and genre-fluid artist who breaks the boundaries of the ordinary, Madam Who? is the epitome of strength and courage for GenZ. Post her battle with brain cancer, her music has inclined more towards inspiring pop anthems for underdogs. Drawing inferences from The Beatles, The B-52 and the Beastie Boys, her melodies are quirky, catchy and deeply moving.

Madam Who?
Madam Who?

Returning to the masses with utmost swag, Madam Who?'s 'Peter Meter' is a thoughtful approach to guiding a generation of newbies on sustaining love, and is a complete blast!

A track that aims to serve as a ray of hope for her granddaughter as she continues to live her life amongst a whirlpool of strangers, this comes off as a call to action for her to stay carefree as one only lives once. With its punk rock-infused energy, this track comes off as a spoken verse of enlightenment from the artist's grandmother gave her on how to keep a man. An unforgettable chorus moment, this channels a bubbly side to rock pop that one cannot get enough of!

Test this savage melody down below -

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