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Rock 'n' Roll Reimagined: Dirty Mitts and the Power of 'Women'

Dirty Mitts
Dirty Mitts

Dirty Mitts is a rock band that knows how to make an impact! With their classic, loud Rock'n'roll sound, they bring the energy and excitement that will get you on your feet. Made up of talented musicians from the UK, Poland, and Egypt, their bluesy, vintage tunes are sure to leave a lasting impression. Get ready to rock out with Dirty Mitts, the greatest rock band you just don't know yet!

A funkadelic playful venture into the sass and mysterious power of love, Women is a punk rock-reverie at its finest.

One of the many examples of Dirty Mitts’s impeccable rock resonance, ‘Women’ is an ode to admiration, which is polished even further with the electrifying drums, crashing and raucous vocals and thuds of guitar, creating an epic blast of energy! 'Women' feels like a moment of a dosage of funk rock everyone should and must experience since it quite literally teleports you into a mystique world of rock!

Test this thrilling melody down below -



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