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Rich G and Augmented: Crafting a Lifestyle Beyond Music

Cover Art of Rich G's 'Get Rich Quick"
Cover Art of Rich G's 'Get Rich Quick"

Rich G, the visionary founder of Augmented, has built a company that embodies his values of self-improvement, positivity, and success. Alongside in-house producer Suspenseful, they have created a record label that not only represents their love for Hip Hop and EDM, but also serves as a hub for artists like Oddsmokee. Augmented goes beyond music, encompassing entertainment, apparel, and action sports, creating a complete lifestyle experience. As an artist, Rich G's lyrical prowess shines through intricate rhyme schemes, clever wordplay, and thought-provoking punchlines that may require a few listens to fully unravel. Get ready to dive into the depth of his artistry

Capturing the essence of the beats' drama and weaving it with remarkable storytelling, Get Rich Quick transcends a mere track collection to embody an all-encompassing way of life.

Our intense odyssey commences with 'Pro Grammar', an instrumental symphony that encapsulates speed, precision, and diligence. It is entirely a combination of raw emotions of blood, sweat and tears and serves as a testament to building something extraordinary. Next, we immerse ourselves in 'Still Moving', a narrative charged with electrifying beat drops that plunge us into a profound moment of dissociation.

As we progress to 'Money Shoulders', we are transported back in time. The track masterfully fuses modern musical elements with mellower, vintage tones. It evokes images of strife and turmoil that once engulfed people and nations, resulting in their ultimate despair. Following this poignant reflection, 'Passive' serves as an enchanting melodic soundscape that conjures images of strategic manoeuvres and game plan charisma.

Upon reaching 'Sycophants', our ears are met with dark and enthralling melodies. This haunting music feels like a warning summoned from the depths of panic and chaos. However, 'Geeking' offers an invigorating contrast as it channels power and energy into a triumphant resolution. It embodies the decisive move of 'Check & Mate' in chess, effortlessly overcoming even the most demanding circumstances.

Lastly, we encounter 'Sentimental', an apt conclusion for this musical journey. This final track envelops listeners in a wave of tranquillity while simultaneously sending chills through their spines like icy winds on a moonlit night. Through its immersive soundscape, it encourages introspection as it guides listeners to confront their solitary thoughts and emotions. Indeed, 'Sentimental' seals the voids throughout this exquisite sonic experience.

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