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Rhyme & Reason: Hip-Hop's Musical Manifesto with Proklaim's 'Poppin'!

Hip-hop underdog Proklaim is back at spitting hard truths via his latest release, 'Poppin'! Back at creating history through his unique sound, Proklaim is known for his innate capabilities of production, authenticity and experimentalism. He aims to blend in culture with his art and has succeeded before with bangers like 'Righteous', 'Civil', 'Thieves' and many more. On his remarkable journey to becoming a household name, Proklaim spreads worldly hard-hitting messages in the most precise and addictive manner possible. Presenting yet again, the mastermind and his art!


A mystical track about reviving the spirit of one's true self, this is an aspirational hip-hop number to set oneself apart from the rest of the crowd.

A battle of money, mouth and brain, 'Poppin' feels like hip-hop's unhinged mirror to not just show, but be grounded and move forward with the ideas that have about themselves. It feels like a precisely crafted moment of blood, sweat and tears, this embodies some crucially marvellous lyrics all set in perfect harmony with the elements of surprise with the afro-type beats in the background. It feels like a track to rejoice a win in and can also dwell in as something to listen to before going to war. This sparks themes of collectivity, guided vision, manifestation, hard-hitting realities and peak optimism. This also sounds like a smooth yet subtle party bop, that will almost feel like a dream on the dancefloor.

Test this poignant melody down below -

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