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Rhapsody in Rush: Unleashing the Cine-Rock Frenzy with Sergiy Rybytskyy's 'Battle'

Unravel the dynamics of neoclassical rock with Sergiy Rybytskyy's latest sonic ensemble, 'Battle'! A Neo-classical composer who's been eagerly into music right from the ripe age of 7, he continuously aims to provoke liberty of imagination and experimentation with this artistry and allows his music to flow wild. With his main instrument being the keyboard, he creates a palpable atmosphere with his sound and caters to genres like romantic, ambient and neo-classical music. Let's witness the forging fires in music with his latest release!

Sergiy Rybytskyy
Sergiy Rybytskyy

Channelling rage, thrill and adventure in just a single track, this release feels like an ultimate hard rock force to be reckoned with.

Sergiy's 'Battle' is a dance of rock madness, that seems to fill your mind with a hailstorm of emotions. Channelling the energy as high as a volcanic eruption seems to profoundly infuse the essence of classic rock into a magical potion of fun. The sublime notion of presenting art through music, could have multiple implications and meanings for multiple listeners. It is organic, dynamic, and has a cinematic level unpredictably to it, progressively making to incline to the musical diversity that Sergiy's creative artwork carries.

Test this sonic wildfire of a melody down below -

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