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Revved-up Rebellion: Witnessing Garage Rock's Sonic Storm via The Savage Hearts' 'Gang War'

The Savage Hearts returns to the music scene with the power-packed funks of their brand new release, 'Gang War'!Hailing from the promising lands of Ireland, The Savage Hearts identifies themselves as a cohort of faithful musicians who are here to transform the face of punk and garage rock with their mysterious yet uncelebrated Cavan rock 'n' roll beatscapes. Their sound might come off as almost aloof, mysterious and unhinged as if they've absorbed and conquered their demons through their sound. Let's unleash the thuggish fire of The Savage Hearts's 'Gang War'!

The Savage Hearts
The Savage Hearts

"You better run better hide cause you're only safe inside your mind", with such alarming lyrical landscapes this bestows a maniac energy inside your brain and is a rock marvel that is too addictive for the ordinary.

A refreshing punk revelation, 'Gang War' is the bruising punk melody that sets itself apart from its fast-paced punk energy that almost seems to pierce listeners' minds. Enticing the masses with dope notions about elusive men is almost thuggish and is bound to leave you with a multitude of questions. Instigating an immediate call to action feels like a spiking rush of adrenaline the minute you hear this track. Igniting an urge to rebel and start a riot, this tune is the apt amount of violence, power and aggression one could ask for. Carrying an energy similar to the Nirvana marvels 'Lithium', 'Love Buzz' and 'Smells like Teen Spirit', this is the epitome of garage rock's chaotic beauty, cow-punk, psychedelia and freakish boogie notions of punk rock that this generation has not seen yet.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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