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Reimagining Liberation: Decoding The Bold Reworks of Lesley Gore's 'You Don't Own Me' by Heroic Enthusiasts!

Bringing life back in a party with their EDM bops, The Heroic Enthusiasts make a comeback to revive a cult classic in the coolest way possible, 'You Don't Own Me'! Reviving notions of the original iconic melody,' You Don't Own Me' by the legend, Lesley Gore, which has been a cult favourite since 1963, hitting # 1 on Billboard's TikTok Chart. A single that made history in the 60s with its elements of pop and iconic lyrics to smash the patriarchy in its face. This remix brings back the originality whilst making it a perfect hit at the parties!

The Heroic Enthusiasts
The Heroic Enthusiasts

Realism of lyrics intertwined with the magical nodes of transcending beats, yes that is exactly what this remix sounds like. Simply put- ethereal yet groovy beyond imagination.

As the name suggests, the remix is full of retro EDM blazes mixed with hints of disco, providing an ambience to experience freedom, joy and creativity. This is a banger when it comes to its beatscapes, reviving key lyrics from the original whilst bringing elements of surprise via beats, all in the smoothest manner possible. This starts as an EDM party mix that slowly transcends into a slow-paced melody, and ends with a piano verse too addictive to forget. Perfect track for a rave or disco, because the vibes here in this release feel truly immaculate. Whilst the original continues to strike a balance of intrigue and savagery, this remix makes it more appealing to entice the listeners although more with this marvel.

Test this groovy melody down below -

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