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Radioactive Kaleidoscope of Bliss - Thy Veil's 'Here We Are Sidereal - Galatic Tick Day'

Scavenge through the astounding galactic hemispheres with Thy Veils's new sonic blast 'Here We Are Sidereal- Galactic Tick Day'! First thrown light upon on the 9th of September 2023 at the Galactic Tick Festival in Timișoara, România, this single is a pure celestial bliss in disguise. A guided fusion of minimalism and complex medication intertwined with potions of expression, communication and exploration, Thy Veils is a dynamic concept turned to life. With its rise to shine in 1995, the band, headed by Daniel Dorobantu, is slowly escalating to be the prime source of Romanian ambience music. Having 13 years of studio production history,7 albums and numerous singles in their artistic cape, their events are immense audio-visualisation, teleporting the audience into unfathomable depths of uncertainty.

Thy Veils
Thy Veils

An exuberance of pure radiance, this feels like a fortune-faded radiance, here to venture with pure resilience and magic.

A track that senses an electrifying rush down the spine of listeners, this track advances as a beam of fresh light. With its hyper-exhilarating electronic beats and synth-infused vocals, this is immensely pacifying and something no one has ever experienced before, for it navigates the barrier between real and pure magic. Uplifting encores that surround around nothing but pure and heavenly astrophysics, this aims to celebrate the iconic progress of mankind for being able to circle around the Milky Way, with a gushing speed of 828,000 kms/h, despite having a Supermassive Blackhole at its centre. This would legitimately remind listeners of scenes of sci-fi and psychedelic movies like Interstellar and would surpass the ordinary sounds. Galactic Tick Day, as mentioned in the name of the song, is an advent of the universe that occurs at an interval of 1.7361 years, and it represents 1/129,600,000 of the solar system's orbit that is situated in close proximity with the central black hole. Rising for a pure scholastic cause, this track pulsates as a unique phenomenon that most of our existence is unaware of, for there could not be a better way to alleviate this.

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