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Predatory Plunge: Electric bars of Power make up 'A Million Voices'

Encapsulating the different adventures of life and its rollercoaster-- Love and heartbreak, Demise and rebirth, Motivation and frustration--Nekoticat sculpts aural beauties that surpass the barriers of genre. The Germany-based artist is a solo vocalist embracing all music production, leaving the audience in awe. He threads together a mesh of harmony with the fragments of electronic elements and metal riffs with a hint of garage rock sound, channeling his bare emotions from the snapshots of his own life. Nekoticat's music delivers you into another realm of comfort, where every note and lyric resonates with the echoes of resilience.

Ferocious flaps of sound engaging your heart and mind, 'A Million Voices' is the glue to shut all the voices screaming and screeching inside your head.

When your conscience becomes overwhelming, sometimes music can become a vent for your heart. This debut single by Nekoticat, 'A Million Voices,' is an aural art piece painted with the colors of self-discovery as a wake-up call to the audience to get up and shine as bright as the damn Sun. The grunge, gothic metal rhythm of the track travels directly to your brain and encourages you to get up and grind.

Test this empowering melody down here:

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