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Pixelated Pining: Binary Blues of Lingering Love with TATE SEDAR's 'Wish I Could'

Step into the liberating synths of TATE SEDAR's latest single 'Wish I Could'! A creativity-driven musician who's constantly experimenting with his electronic sound, he has been a major hit since his global performance on the 2020 Insomniac Discovery Project, accumulating over 5.7m plays alone in 2023. As someone who's graced the stages with Don Diablo, Breathe Carolina, Wolfgang Gartner and many more, TATE'S sound is majorly inspired by 'post-EDM', a progressive take on electronic music that includes digital and analogue instruments. Let's witness the genre-defying synths of his brand-new release! 


Transforming the genre of modern pop to inculcate pure emotions, this love-struck symphony is something that demands your attention! 

A refreshing, calming and almost dreamlike symphony, 'Wish I Could' is the epitome of vision and creativity in the genre of modern tech house. This is a melody about how people might evolve in romantic relationships physically mentally and emotionally and might still be stuck with the same old person they fell in love. With its inclusion of pop and techno, this melody becomes a perfect dance banger for clubs and gives off prime 2015-16 vibes. This is full of beats yet something not too off-putting, thereby carrying the perfect amount of subtle authenticity to the dancefloor. Overall, I enjoyed this and would recommend this as a must-listen.

Test this dreamy melody down below -

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