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Pastoral Poetries: Soft Rock's Melodic Journey Through Countryside Love with The Amanda Emblem Experiment's 'Farmtime'

The Amanda Emblem Experiment returns to the masses with their brand new tune compilation, 'Farmtime'. Amanda emerges as a singer, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and performer hailing from Mary Valley Queensland, Australia. With their artistry delving into genres like blues, rock, folk, American, soul and roots, they have almost been unstoppable in creating dreamscapes via their sound that the audience is almost enticed by every time. Having an interesting past and lifestyle before her which was a bubble away from the worldly chaos, she's led a simple and humble, and her music sounds like a testament to the same. Let's witness the sonic havens of this brand-new tune compilation!

The Amanda Emblem Experiment
The Amanda Emblem Experiment

Being beautifully love-struck in the countryside, this explicitly describes notions of love, sensuality, nostalgia and embrace in different coats of soft rock, providing a wholesome experience to listeners.

We start this journey to the countryside with the homely funks of 'Waterfall'. A track that feels like the brewing of new love, this is very refreshing, and calming and is a soft rock marvel that will remind you of the early 00s rom-coms. Next up, 'Of Course I Do' feels like a moment of time travel, where it feels like we've fast-forwarded into the times where we experience different instances and situations where the protagonist is seen falling in love with her partner.

'Middle of the Night' is a complete shift of moods, where we observe a settled erotic funky take on country music. This stands apart from the rest of the album, as it is full of cowboy, country-like synths but is an erotic powerhouse, where the protagonist is seductively asking her to wake her up in the middle of the night. 'General Consensus' is a beautiful take on traditional folk rock, where we observe a melody powered just by a few chords and charismatic electric guitar solos.

Last but not least, 'Aphrodisia' feels like the perfect end to this journey to the farmland. This tune seems to explicitly describe the chaos and thorough scenes at a farm. Overall, the album is an obscurely magnanimous amalgamation of different flavours of soft rock into one and is a must-listen.

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