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Paranoia's Melodic Manifestation: Morrison Reed's Sonic Descent in 'Blood Money'

Morrison Reed
Morrison Reed

Emerging from the depths of Sydney's vibrant alternative music scene, Morrison Reed is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with! Showcasing distinctive and enigmatic preferences in music, his style encompasses various genres such as electroclash, post-punk, art rock, indie, hip-hop, new wave, and psychedelic compositions intertwined with theatrical film soundtracks. Morrison Reed's masterful integration of eerie alternative vocals and electrifying guitar riffs in the chorus elevates 'Blood Money' onto an unparalleled pedestal. With this dark hip-hop track being Reed's final single before releasing his highly-anticipated sophomore album later this year, he has truly outdone himself.

A daunting sonic submission encompassing horror in its core, ‘Blood Money’ feels like the rise of an indie-alternative wonderland, the one carved out of misery, rising outrageously from the shackles of paranoia and aversion.

'Blood Money' ensnares you in its sinister web through its commanding hip-hop rhythm, underpinned by an iconic bassline that pulsates so fiercely that it disrupts the natural cadence of your stride. Deftly layering guitars carrying the reverb of a post-apocalyptic crime soundscape, alongside fender reverb clean tones reverberating through the murky echoes of a shadowy cityscape—this auditory tale exhibits masterful contrasts. The synths envelop listeners in their slow-flanging embrace while the blistering fusion of lead synth and guitar fuzz injects a cinematic surge into an already foreboding atmosphere. The narrative unfolds as a sinister monetary exchange for nefarious deeds takes place—leaving you to discern what fate awaits beyond this point in this dark musical adventure.

Test this daunting melody down below -



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