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Old School Overture: Hip-hop's tales from the beatbox with Mista Pakman Dangerou$'s 'U Know WASSUP!

Mista Pakman Dangerou$ arrives on the music scene with his brand new tune compilation 'U Know Wassup'! Hailing from Sacramento, Mista Pakman is an artist who is widely regarded for his musical prowess and infectious beats. A direct descendent from the artistic genius of Andre D. Butler, also known as Skitzo Thee Incredible or Aquarius King, he's always been curious to invade musical territory with his genre-defying sound. Shaping the world with his dedication and resilience, let us witness the wrath of Mista Pakman! 

Mista Pakman Dangerou$
Mista Pakman Dangerou$

Swim into hard-hitting hip-hop jams with this tune compilation. Fresh, clean and straight-up out-of-the-box, this could level up your rap game.

We begin this album with the funky rap dystopian tune of 'U Know Wassup'! This is extremely like your early 2000s rap remixes, mixed with a dose of confidence and self-worth. This is a testament to the value Mista Pakman brings to the table, and is full of an addictive beat that will make the listeners go crazy! Then we arrive at the suspense-infused notions of 'Doin' What It Do'. Also accompanied by howling sounds and mystery-infused music, and this is also another banger in line. 

The next single is nothing but gang signs solidified. 'Stackin' Chicken', a notion to spread the message to work on yourself rather than investing your energy on others, is extremely funky and also has elements of robotized rap verses, which makes it extremely dope. The sound elevates and becomes upbeat with 'Keep It Lit', as it is a track that reminisces old hip-hop in a way never witnessed before.

The sound completely changes with 'Oh Lock', as the similar suspense from earlier tracks, but almost twice the rage and agony witnessed before. 'I Don't Give A Fuck', is yet another self-confidence-boosting track, that carries a nonchalant elevated confidence level that will make you feel superior. 'Hustlin'' and 'Can't Fuck Wit' It' is another banger that comprises sonic swooshes that are just so dynamic and full of zig-zaggy beats. Overall, I feel like this tune compilation is something fresh for the rap genre and could spice up the modern-day rap game with the way it reminisces the traditional ways of hip-hop.

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