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Nostalgic Roars of Emotional Rage in Love Ghost's 'Left on Read'

Back with yet another moment of relatability, Love Ghost returns to the music scene with their latest release 'Left on Read'! Uniting forces with the talented Wiplash for this epic release, the track is a prime MGK meets Yungblud moment for fans that's sure to take you on an emotional journey! Crafting music for the unseen and misfits, Love Ghost has also garnered praise from the iconic Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, Flaunt and Lyrical Lemonade to name a few. With many releases yet to be unleashed, face the blazing wrath of 'Love Ghost' via 'Left on Read'!

Love Ghost
Love Ghost

Channeling the angst that branches out of someone's niceness, and opens up a sheer duality in the other person's personality,'Left on Read' is the ultimate Emo Rock rollercoaster ride that most of us can relate to.

A track that carries forward the general emotional ferocity that is fuelled by disrespect you feel when someone ignores you, this is the most vinyl form of rage that almost all of us have felt during and even the post-pandemic period, where texting became one of the most prime ways of communication for us. From over-analyzing each and every word, even the emojis used by the other person to eventually branching out and moving out and moving on if they're not consistent with their replies, in today's day and age they're the epitome of the connection we have with people. A vigorous emo-pop commemorative with Whiplash along their side, Love Ghost's 'Left on Read' feels like an ode to emotional ignorance and gaslighting at its peak. From navigating the journey of clarity over a lost connection and lamenting the sense of nostalgia by intoxication, it is an epic rusty moment of emo-rock hysteria that makes you feel hurt within all the agony.

Test this heart-throbbing melody down below -

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