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Mystical Melodies and Nomadic Rhythms: PolSky's Funkadelic Voyage


Behold the astounding emergence of PolSky - a band originating from the depths of Kris Warren's creative bedroom lair, now a powerhouse not to be underestimated. Assembled with an elite squad of musical prodigies - Ben Warn operating synths, Alex Robertson mastering drums, and Chris Norman dominating bass - their dynamic pop prowess knows no bounds. Under the guidance of Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie and motivation from esteemed music legends, Kris's artistic expedition culminates in PolSky's breathtaking masterpiece, "Executive Functions" - an ensemble of flawlessly crafted pop tunes delving into corporate undead, senior love affairs, video game fixations, and the insatiable human need for recognition.

Immerse yourself in their melodious uprising, adopt their credo, and sway to their electrifying rhythms. Invitation open to all embarking on this extraordinary odyssey!

Originating in London, United Kingdom, this UK-based band is a whirlwind full of nomadic rock and funk tunes. The entire album feels like a jolt of supreme sonic energy that would revitalise someone, and make them initiate moves on their life path. From the opening track of 'Welcome to Polsky Corp' straight through to the closing track, 'Nimbus Columbus', this EP has something for everyone and strangles with vivid nodes of serene calm energy. The band has a unique sound, blending a variety of genres to create a truly memorable experience. Each of the songs is full of emotion and infectious energy that will make you want to keep listening. Overall, this EP is worth a listen.

Give this heart-trembling EP a shot down below -



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