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Minami Deguchi's 'Weight Of My Crimes': The Emo Rage of a Dystopian Heart

Unleash the sonic fury of emo rock with Minami Deguchi's 'Weight Of My Crimes'. The super-talent vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Minami comes from a Japanese ethnicity and is now settled in Warrnambool, Australia. His main musical inferences are derived from profound legends like Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, ONE OK ROCK, Blink-182 and Green Day to name a few. As someone who was always creatively aligned to follow this career path, Minami started learning classical piano between the ages of 3-16 and as a consequence found his heart and soul aligned with playing the guitar as well. This latest power-packed single, recorded at Eden Studios in Box Hill and featuring artists like Boycott Love is exceptional, as this is unique as a doze of Minami's ethnicity.

Minami Deguchi
Minami Deguchi

Drops of angst that engage with guilt create a dystopia of a falling pride from a jet-black heart full of regret, this is amplified rock that uncovers the innate degree of hurting someone.

'Weight of My Crimes', as the name suggests, is a track about lashing out the remorse and guilt one feels after losing someone, about realising the amount of pain we've given to someone else by viewing from the lens of empathy. This is fierce, agnostic and feels like a retaliation of the brain. The purest form of emo rock, Minami quite literally lashed this heart out. Embracing Minami's cultural stance, the track also comprises heart-wrenching Japanese hints too. Healing the hearts of those who unknowingly broke their paramours, this aims to understand the sheer painstaking that completely torments a person. Trying to embrace pain as a chain of the karmic reaction of forfeiting someone, this power-packed solo is surely aimed at moving mountains.

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