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Memories 1: The Storm by Maximilian Wentz is explosive.

Maximilian Wentz
Maximilian Wentz

Memories 1: The Storm by Maximilian Wentz is an explosive EP that screams metal & rock. Maximilian Wentz is a heavy metal-metalcore musician from Haverhill, Massachusetts, who blends elements of rock, metal and Latin music, unapologetically boldly. According to Wentz, 'It is arguably his most intense musical journey of his career, and the lyrics emotionally capture a sense of impending collapse, as if the very structure is crumbling, and the weight of the waves crashing against his bones, can be felt.' This EP serves as Part 1 of a trilogy of EPs, with each song reflecting on different aspects of Maximilian’s journey of life.

The fists shall be raised, and the voices shall be cracked & loud when you explore the world of Maximilian Wentz.

Memories 1: The Storm by Maximilian Wentz has got old-school metalcore vibes. The EP consists of four songs; 'I never thought,' 'Fangs of the Beast', 'Beyond Comprehension' and 'Devastation.' The entire EP is very well layered and structured. It's a strong & heavy musical EP that has a lot to offer. The EP flirts with classic rock, into heavy metal, some punk rock and lyrical. The songwriting is personal; each track reflects on different aspects of Maximilian’s journey of life. All the song's lyrics have depth and meaning, also highlighting Maximilian’s journey of music. Maxmilian's vocals are mad, it's very unique and loud. The vocal texture aligns well with the instruments. The guitar riffs are effortlessly played and is the star of the entire album. The play around the percussion in few songs is crazily good. The drums are pounding, and the bassline is brawny. I like the pace & rhythm of the opening track, 'Devastation,' while I also loved the creativity put on the song, 'Beyond Comprehension.' It is lyrically dominant that goes very smoothly & naturally with the instrument behind whilst the rhythm of the track builds up slowly. Both the tracks are dark, helpless & longing in a hope. I also enjoyed the music played in the track, 'Fangs of the Beast' especially after the chorus & towards the end of the song, the pauses in between are like cherry on the top.

The emotions feel raw while the agony seems relatable, and to be able to achieve this as a musician is absolutely genius. The best thing about the album is the pace & rhythm of it. Memories 1: The Storm by Maximilian Wentz deserves a massive reach and listeners in masses. You'd miss out on a bold music experience if you fail to taste Maxmilian's rock & metal flavor.

Don't miss out the explosive EP -



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