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La Vivas construct a new polished sound which demands an 'as loud as possible' listen

La Vivas
La Vivas

A veteran band from the Midlands formed by brothers Kevin Donaldson and James Donaldson, La Vivas have worked their way to receiving great appreciation over the past few years. Soon after adding the drummer Luiz Ferreira to this roster and forming a trio, the concept of having an extremely successful release like that of their previous single "need for speed" is no foreign concept to them. After much experimentation and trial and error, La Vivas have managed to find a sound truly authentic to their style of music.

"La Vivas have surprisingly kept up with the hype of their popular single "need for speed" with their new single, which only indicates their vie for finding that perfectly nuanced sound for their forthcoming album, set to release this year."

Their new single "The bell and the butterfly" is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the dying overheard sound of new age rock. Their approach for this song is fresh, drawing influences from a variety of different artists, managing to reignite the same energy as The Rolling Stones from their heyday. Kevin's vocals really shine in this one as he allows his voice as well as the instrumentals to collide and harmonise from time to time. His lyrical style, reminiscent of Bob Dylan's electric switch era, is much more nuanced in the context of the more abstract and brash sound that the trio have managed to create.

Be sure to give this one a listen if you are into rock music and are tired of the new age stale sound that sounds as if people are dimming it down nowadays when it comes to being fearless and rash with their approach. You will feel a shudder through your spine while listening to this one, provided you're brave and energetic enough to blast it on full volume.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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