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Jamcie's "Sun Comes Up": The Brand New & Shiny Garage/Rap Anthem

Jamcie is a rising star in the UK music scene. His music is a blend of UK garage, rap, and pop, and he is known for his smooth vocals and catchy melodies. JAMCIE has performed at a number of events across the UK, and he has been featured on KISS FM UK. Give him a chance and you will be addicted to the artist.

Jamcie's new single, "Sun Comes Up," is a smooth and charming anthem with elements of house music and hip-hop; he delivers a sound from the future.

"Sun Comes Up" is the third single from Jamcie's new EP, "Slow It Down." The song is about a night out that most can relate to charming a lady and ending up back at your place drinking wine until the morning light. The song has a tropical summer vibe, and it features a catchy melody and JAMCIE's smooth vocals. The song also has elements of UK garage and rap, which gives it a unique and fresh sound. Jamcie’s vocals fall in the lower spectrum of the frequency scale which adds a texture to the shiny house beats.

"Sun Comes Up" is a must-listen for fans of UK garage, rap, and pop. It is a smooth, charming, and catchy song that will get you moving all night long.

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