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Identity Alchemy: Pixelated Persona of Bromsen's 'Someone'!

Indie-rock renaissance Bromsen just released their latest single'Someone' and here's what to expect! A creative formed in Berlin, Germany, Bromsen comprises of Richard and Karlo Bromsen, two musical maestros who've known each other for a lifetime. From performing at multiple venues with the band,' The Pampelmuse' in the mid-2000s to re-igniting their passion for music via this release, the artists have surely come a long way, and with their artistry on display, we can say that there's a long way to go!


A blazing hot confrontation journey of self-discovery, acceptance, authenticity and finding clarity, this speaks volumes about one's way of life.

'Someone', the 5th single from their upcoming tune compilation,' Brothers in Mind', is an uplifting 80s rock-vibe track about themes like self-realisation. With its dominating heavy rock riffs, it is a message for listeners to not just evolve with the winds of change in society and the world around them, but also to find their own uniquely carved spirit, their true individual identity. A talk-through that draws inspiration from acclaimed singer-songwriter Luke Bloo, unravelling their journey of self-dependence and personal discovery, this masterpiece will speak to your soul.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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