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Hypnotizing grooves paired with evocative vocals: Hella Precious' 'Ghosts' is something else

Partnering with the amazingly talented producer Skeleton Ocean, Hella Precious has yet again released a throbbing groovy soundtrack 'Ghosts' and it is to die for! Based in the city of Los Angeles, US, Hella Precious crafts flawlessly energizing EDM melodies. Her creations are a tapestry painted with beautiful surprises, filled with exceptionally dance-inspiring tunes and rhythms knitted together with heartfelt vocal delicacies that make you experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Inspired by years in the West Coast Bass, Hella cooks together drums and bass, hyper-pop, and hip-hop to brew powerful soundscapes that hit your brain harder than a caffeine rush.

Hella Precious
Hella Precious
Immediate compulsion to take your body to the dance floor: 'Ghosts' is an electrifying track and captures every element an EDM soundtrack should.

Pushing you towards an elliptical journey of self-discovery, 'Ghosts' is an alluring mix of electronic beats, each one positioned ever so carefully to create an extraordinary aural experience for the listener, and with the complementation of the artist's magnificent voice carrying the attention, the soundtrack proves to be an astounding add to your daily uplifting playlist.

Test this danceable melody down here:

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