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Grunge Resurrection: Void Pleasantries Unleashed!

Void Pleasantries
Void Pleasantries

Prepare to be electrified by the scintillating grunge rock phenomenon, Void Pleasantries! Their sound is an enchanting amalgamation of 80s and 90s icons such as R.E.M., Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and beyond. Spearheaded by the energetic team of Ross McKellar on guitar and vocals, alongside his sibling John McKellar as lead vocalist, they forge a formidable force of invigorating vibrations. Although the ensemble might fluctuate, their musical mastery stays unrivalled. From DIY tracks to electrifying live shows, Void Pleasantries will leave you spellbound. Originating from Bellshill, Scotland, they have been stirring up excitement since 2007 by captivating audiences with their fervent shows. After a brief pause, their roaring comeback in 2019 made it clear: Void Pleasantries' seismic sound is here to stay!

This new album features an encore of college grunge aesthetics and metallic rock, in an attempt to revive the dramatics of the genre for the generation today.

Introducing the enigmatic ensemble, Void Pleasantries, as they unveil their entrancing EP, 'When in Rome.' This hypnotic musical mosaic seamlessly interlaces genres of electric folk, pop, country, and Americana, breathing a refreshing modern flair evocative of the late '60s. Steered by Ross McKellar's powerful guitar and soul-stirring vocals, while united with John McKellar's spellbinding lead vocals, the group sets ablaze a turbulent wave of grunge rock vigour that seizes your senses. Each song, from the poignant 'No Good Reason' to the celestial 'From Afar,' reveals a captivating narrative that transcends linguistic boundaries - crafting an oasis of tranquillity and sentiment. Embark on a profound odyssey of love, existence, and humanity's essence as 'When in Rome' leaves you craving for more enchanting melodies from this gifted band.

Give this voltaic EP a shot down below -



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