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Grounded cultural brilliance in the musical allures of MVI( Mark Vickiness Interconnected)

Let's float around the musical compass of MVI(Mark Vickiness Interconnected)'s latest tune compilation,' In The Rain Shadow'!A progressive acoustic guitar virtuoso that is instilled with the concepts of lush, multi-layered instrumentalism and powerful themes, the collaborative takes direct inference from the world around us. Aimed at highlighting a collaborative effort of sub-genres and awe-inspiring moments, each of the artists of the 7-member group contributes to the unified vision like a mosaic, crafting their own musical mandala. Forging a broader understanding of music, presenting the skilled crew in their upcoming release,' In the Rain Shadow'!

MVI( Mark Vickiness Interconnected)
MVI( Mark Vickiness Interconnected)

This Album feels like submerging into the folklores of a dream-like majestic and euphoric land that almost feels like our own with the warmth it supplies us with.

We begin this wonderous musical journey through the heavens and tabla-verses of the 'High Desert.' A track that in itself feels like the scenic journey to the top of a mountain cliff, this calls for the spirit of excavation, of spring, of wandering across in speculations and for the purpose of finding truth. 'The Gorge', on the other hand, begins with soft musical veiling of tools and instruments, and then slowly transcends into pacifying onshores of classical music. This feels like a distilled classical dream that eventually falls into the lap of an electric rock, with its deepening electric guitar verses in the end.

Then we begin the sentiment-infused feather-like journey through 'Alluvial Fans'. A track that almost transports into the climatic scenes of a fairytale, this calls for a dreamy- venture! We were reminded of the scenes of the movie,' Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses ' immediately whilst we were rejoicing through this track. As though set up into the lands of India, the classical touch of tabla in the background makes the sonic experience more captivating!'Stillness for the Will then begins to completely shapeshift our mood to a more sorrowful setup, possibly those of parting ways or gradual detachment that fulls the brims of tears in the eyes of the listeners, of how subtle, calming yet devastating it can be.

'Roadrunner' calls for the beginning of a new journey, in completely new setups, in totally different surroundings, yet calls for the original touch. It feels like carrying forward a legacy, in a more dynamic and creatively-superior manner. It avenges and intices our souls that were once going through blasphemy to an airy light-hearted zone of satisfaction and curing beliefs. Then we derive at the divine and holy grails, a track that makes you immediately worship royalty and epitomes of its grandeur, the magnificent 'Rupak ( For Ty)'. This is a beautifully calm and compost fusion of violin and table, with nodes of mellow guitar that can be heard with ease in the background.

Moving onto 'Cloud Shadows', this feels like clearing the air of disbelief and creates an illusion for dreams, feels like falling and setting aback, into the laps of mother nature, and witnessing and experiencing the fruits of our circumstances first-hand. Then we again go back to the legacies of the time with the creative ensemble of ' On the Cliffs of Mohr'. A track that pacifies us to believe, to commemorate and envision great things, and reminds us to dream, for dreaming your heart out makes you succumb to greater things. It almost reminds us of the long-lost charisma that almost all of us possess.

Last but not least, from the moments of hustle and melodic chaos, we yet again find ourselves falling into the calming shores of the theme track of the album, 'In The Rain Shadows'. A mesmerising flute, violin and guitar trio that almost levitates our listening experience and teleports us into the rapid and haze-infused grasslands of the medieval period, almost making us feel like we belong in these lands of nirvana and we must never leave them.

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