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Funky Fervor: Unlocking Alternative Rock's Pulse-Pounding Plea For Change via Electric High's 'Hear Me Out'!

Step into the funk-powered electric rock palpitations of Electric High's 'Hear Me Out'! Hailing from Bergen, Norway, the collaborative gracefully combines elements from classic hard rock, punk and alternative rock in their sound, and resonates with the masses with a uniquely exciting level of energy. Recorded in Havnelgeret Studio, engineered by Daniel Birkeland and Mixed and mastered at Solslottet Studio, this single, and their sound in general seems to draw inspiration from Rival Sons and Royal Blood. Showing no signs of slowing down, let's unleash the glory of Electric High!

Electric High
Electric High

Soaring high electric rock verses that change moods with the build-up of an airy, soaring and thunderous chorus, there are only highs to catch here that one cannot get enough of.

A power-packed torch-bearer of messages for freedom of speech, this is a thriving rock 'n' roll marvel that mostly comprises sharp guitar riffs and storms of a stomping drum beat, that shapeshifts in a contagious manner throughout the passage of this track. With electrifying synths of hard rock and charismatic double lead vocals, this is very cinematic, action-packed, cool and super funk-driven. Standing at the forefront as changemakers, the band wishes to spread alarming sights to what is right and wrong and marks their territory as a funk rock revival. We think this track, if garners the right amount of critical accolade, can take over as the revolutionary for our generation like how 'Smells like Teen Spirit' was for the millennials! A definite, definite recommendation!

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