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Funkadelic Uprising: The Infectiousness of 'The King is Dead' By Gary Dranow & Jeffery Manfredi

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

Gary Dranow & Jeffery Manfredi have finally made their rumoured duo single 'The King is Dead' official! Garry and Jeffery, both part of the collective renounced as 'Gary and The Manic Emotions' have together collaborated on this release in Los Angeles. Originally hailing from Utah, Gary serves as the main vocalist and leader while Jeffery provides the bass for the band. Gary Dranow, the renowned guitar slinger from Park City, Utah, draws from his colourful life to create soulful melodies that inspire fans and up-and-coming artists alike. Influenced by guitar gods such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gary and his band, The Manic Emotions, have rocked the blues and rock music scenes. Despite thriving as a clothing and tech entrepreneur, Gary never drifted from his passion for music. His debut album, Destiny Road, an autobiographical work of art recorded in the '90s, is slated to be released in May 2023.

'The King is Dead', from the album 'Destiny Road', is indeed punk rewired with a hint of the signature styles and themes of Gary and the Manic Emotions. Serving as a fresh breath of air, this number is a perfect blend of punk and rock and roll. With its catchy lyrics and passionate instrumentation, 'The King is Dead' is sure to be an instant hit.

The musical masterpiece that is 'The King is Dead' seamlessly weaves together the electrifying energy of a hardcore electric guitar riff with the unmistakable brilliance that radiates from the heart of punk rock. Each high and low intertwines in a beautiful dance that culminates in a stunning centrepiece that is sure to leave the listener breathless. It all began with a vivid dream that Gary had in 1996, one that would inspire the lyrics of the unforgettable 'Destiny Road'. With every other one of the fire tracks on the album somehow linked to this song, 'Destiny Road' and by extension, 'The King is Dead' represents the epitome of musical vision and creativity. As the mastermind behind these awe-inspiring tracks, Gary has blessed the world with his astounding ability to turn dreams into driving musical inspiration. 'The King is Dead is a poignant metaphor for love, where love itself is the true king that reigns over all. It speaks to the rarity of love in a materialistic world marred by wars, racism, and prejudice, where the love for one's own brother or sister is all too often torn apart at the seams.

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