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"Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man: A Groovy Retro Sound with a Modern Twist

Portugal. The Man
Portugal. The Man

American rock group Portugal. The Man has been performing since 2004. After being published in 2017, their popular single "Feel It Still" immediately rose to the top of the charts. The song stands out from other rock tunes because of its funky retro feel with a contemporary touch.

Lead vocalist John Gourley exhorts listeners to rise up and fight against injustice in the song "Feel It Still," which has lyrics that touch on themes of revolt and resistance. It's understandable why the song has become a mainstay of contemporary rock music given its catchy chorus and lively rhythm, which instantly win over the listener.

A notable aspect of "Feel It Still" is its musicianship, with the band fusing funk and soul into their rock style. The song's production is smooth and polished, with a clear mix that brings out the individual sonic qualities of each instrument. The outcome is a modern rock tune that feels thrilling and new while simultaneously paying tribute to the roots of the genre.

Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man

Portugal's "Feel It Still" serves as the end. For aficionados of contemporary rock music, The Man is a must-listen. It is a spectacular smash that will have listeners dancing and singing along because of its cool retro feel, memorable lyrics, and expert production. The song has a strong and current relevance that appeals to listeners today because of its message of resistance and revolt. music.

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