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Elegy Emanations: Alt Pop's Whispers of Grief in Ratchet's 'Closing The Door'

Hauntingly setting fires to our hearts, Ratchet splurges the magic of mystery yet again with his latest tune compilation,' Closing The Door'! Hailing from Leiden, Netherlands, Ratchet is an independent indie/alternative artist who has been a part of this community since a young age. As someone who initiated his creatives to try to impress a girl, his sense of style in music is heavily influenced by dark aesthetics, mysterious and caters to his problems.


A work that speaks in between the alts of reality and a dream, this feels like a dissonating venture into one's soul.

We begin with the dark narratives of 'The Stage is Set', a track so poignant with its lyrics that listeners imagine every happening right in front of their eyes. 'The Stage is Set' feels like a moment of numbing realities that is mysterious, dark and hysteric in a way never envisioned. 'Reply', on the contrary talks about bringing problems out in the open, and feels like a thorough moment of observation, as though redirecting focus from one's problems to surface-level happiness.

'Afterlife ' and 'Dissolve', tracks that are rejuvenating with their calming soundscapes, deliver a soul-stirring experience when they lose a loved one.'The Note' feels like an ode to one's impeccable dreams. This almost sounds and feels like a blossoming love track that will enlighten the listeners' minds. Reminiscing the good old, this is also a flush of nostalgia.

Then we jump to the dauntingly sad narratives of 'Noisy Dream' and 'Stalker'. The tracks seem to channel the turmoil that goes inside the minds of the troubled and suffering, the silences and guitarscapes here are larger than words here.

The mood of the album drastically shapeshifts at 'Tomorrow'. A pacifying composition of flowy synths and dreamlike sounds, this almost sounds unreal. We wear the mood of rage on our sleeve yet again with tracks like 'Zombie' and 'Blood Eagle'. A punky indie rock venture that reaches the depths of one's despair, this is sadist, mysterious and frightening.

'Another World; is a narrative formed out of observance and pure happenings of the world around us, trying to decipher and find the meanings of the things that we do. A moment of identity crisis approaches us with 'Helping Hand ' and 'When I'm Gone', the tracks that accentuate tendencies of overthinking, and also provide a surreal trip down memory lane, only in the hopes of replaying the bygones.

Then we arrive at the psychopathic episodes of 'Full Moon', this sounds exactly like the multiple voices in a person's head that arrive before making a decision. 'The Shed', a collaboration of Ratchet and Tehctar, speaks beautifully with dissonance.

Last but not least, we arrive at the distilled and blurred sonic scapes of 'Nothing Left'. A track that seems to blur the lines between reality and a dream, this is marvellous. 'Our Last Night' is the last track on this ecstatic EP, and undoubtedly feels like a Joji moment! With its dream-like ukulele verses, and pacifying vocals it brings this sonic work of art together in the most majestic way possible.

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