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Electrifying Pixels: Unleashing the Energetic Pulse of Slectric's 'Bliss'

Slectric's Bliss - Cover Art
Slectric's Bliss - Cover Art

With his roots in video game sound design, Slectric is a Colombian-Canadian songwriter whose sole vessel is electric music. He is known for his ability to explore a wide range of electronic music genres, from ambient to uptempo. With his unique sound, he has created a strong following among music fans. Slectric amplifies his existence through experimentation and the expression of music. He is driven by a desire to create music that can take people on a journey and help them to connect with themselves. His music is a form of self-expression, and he hopes that it will inspire people to explore the depths of their own creativity. As a game designer and studio musician, Slectric knows how to create a musical atmosphere, and that's exactly what he's done in his brand-new EP, 'Bliss'!

'The entire album 'Bliss' feels like a journey, as if the thumping energy of the electric is gracefully entwined with the depths of lyricism in the songs. The music draws you in and the words lead you to a state of euphoria. It's a song that speaks to the soul, expressing emotions that can't be put into words. It's impossible to resist the feeling of joy that it brings.'

The sublime melodies of the EP would surely captivate anyone who listens to it. Slectric has crafted this as a centrepiece for his career. The artist has also made magic with his profound sense of music production, not to mention the splendid use of sonic drums that elevate the sound experience of the tracks. The songs are masterpieces that will surely be remembered for a long time and will have a lasting impact on the music industry. They are a unique combination of soulful vocals, creative composition, and powerful production that creates a truly unique listening experience. This album truly encapsulates the artist's genius and is sure to be a classic. It is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the music industry and will surely be appreciated by all music lovers. The song also has a scandalous ring to it, combining sensuality while sounding like it's from the cosmos. Unlike any other song, this song teleports you to a cosmic land of divine elements and energies with its transcending yet dreamy beats.

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