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Dancefloor Divination: Exploring Lunar Love through Astralix's 'Lost And Found'

The majestic creative of Gary Dranow fuels yet another genre-defying sound under the label of Astralix, 'Lost and Found'! A new venture featuring Gary himself, and the talented vocals of Astralix's Malena and Chris Zoupa, Astralix derives inferences from talents in the game like Avicii, Marshmello and Tiesto to name a few. As a maestro who has already aced genres like indie, rock and soft rock, this is Gary's attempt yet again to win the hearts that beat solely for EDM and dance beats. Urging to you add this track to your playlists, the group wishes to seek your blessings and considerations as they glide their way into your hearts!

Gary Dranow as the face of Astralix
Gary Dranow as the face of Astralix

An exclusive arena of disco meeting romance, this is your ultimate groove number that one cannot seem to get enough of!

Under the sonic collaborative of 'The Rhythm Fills My Soul', the track seems to be a melody full of nostalgic EDM synths, that all seem to gaze at the labyrinths of a budding love. A groovy nuance of rhythm that'll not only set the hearts of listeners but even those of club DJs apart, this encapsulates a poignant love blazing- capturing its progression from trials, tribulations and its eventual triumph. With its beats pulsating at a dynamic speed of 125 beats per minute, this strives for a perfect balance between emotive and energetic, thereby becoming the perfect go-to for any mood or occasion.

Test this liberating melody down below -

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