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Cosmic Liaisons: Ubiquity Machine's Captivating 'Combustioneer'

Cover art for Ubiquity Machine's 'Combustioneer'
Cover art for Ubiquity Machine's 'Combustioneer'

Enter the enigmatic world of Ubiquity Machine, where a hypnotic musical adventure awaits. Visionaries Dan Marsh (Rabbit) and Howard Rabach guide listeners through their unique blend of Alternative/Indie tunes, infused with Psychedelic, Pop, Rock, Folk, and Blues elements. Hailing from the lively DC Metro area, they chart new musical territories with fearless experimentation. Earning accolades and being likened to greats such as The Smiths and Rolling Stones, Ubiquity Machine crafts powerful lyrics reflecting our modern lives. Each track becomes a gateway to another realm, revealing new perspectives upon revisiting. The creators: Howard Rabach and UK-bred artist Dan Marsh together form an unmatched duo boasting more than 100 songs and countless releases. In their sonic workshop, Howard and Dan excel as multi-instrumentalists, producers, and evocative songwriters.

The track takes the listeners on a cosmic voyage where music surpasses boundaries and imagination is boundless.

Diving into the halos of musical serenity again, Ubiquity Machine is back in the music scene with their brand new release 'Combustioneer'! Infused with the colours of Electronic, Synth, Psychedelic, Pop, Rock, Folk and Blues, the track is a sultry, immersive sound bath complemented by harmonious dual-channel vocals that flawlessly encapsulate the enigmatic fervour of a passionate, erotic liaison. Drenched in daring abstraction and sensory delights, "Combustioneer" exemplifies Edgar Allen Poet's remark that Ubiquity Machine dares to venture into uncharted musical territory and explore innovative tracks never tread before.

Test the melody down below -



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