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Chasing the Spectrum: Sun Lite's Chromatic 'Sun's Seven'

Sun Lite
Sun Lite

Embarking on a musical odyssey in 2018, Sun Lite is a versatile bedroom producer who effortlessly dabbles in multiple genres. The "electronic music" label barely scratches the surface as Sun Lite ventures into Rock, Pop, Soul, Psychedelic, Funk, Dance, Disco, Folk, Reggae, Jazz, and Blues. Showcasing his innate talent, he incorporates heartwarming vocals and occasionally strums acoustic guitar or blows the blues harp. Amidst this creative pursuit, Sun Lite continually hones production skills with unyielding determination. Embracing a humble approach and a lighthearted sense of humour, Sun Lite's music offers a refreshing blend of entertainment and insightful social commentary.

Each tune masterfully merges tribute and innovation, fusing classic influences with a modern flair.

Prepare for a spellbinding musical journey as Sun Lite presents the enthralling album "Sun's Seven." This artist holds nothing back, handpicking only the top seven tracks that withstood rigorous judgment.

Kicking off the experience is "Pig Brother," an emotional homage to Iron Butterfly's iconic "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." Sun Lite skillfully intertwines a haunting riff inspired by George Orwell's vision, diving deep into a realm ruled by the 'Pig Brothers' who oppress the impoverished majority. Following up is "Movin' On," a thundering tribute to psychedelic legends Temptations and Norman Whitfield. This electrifying anthem inspires us to forge ahead and leave the past in our wake.

"The Night Hag" channels early Pink Floyd, conjuring up a hypnotic soundscape that transports listeners back to their childhood nightmares. Venturing into acoustic folk-pop terrain, "Trolls" features Sun Lite reflecting on the plague of internet trolls through a touching multi-vocal arrangement.

"Dream & Pony Show" salutes King Crimson and the magical Mellotron, guiding us on an otherworldly odyssey towards a utopian world reminiscent of the flower power age. Bursting forth with an invigorating reggae-rock rhythm blended with tribal percussion is "Not The Bats, Not The Chinese," drawing inspiration from the gripping "War of the Worlds" radio drama.

The grandiose conclusion, "Pendulum," exhibits Sun Lite's remarkable talent in a techno-dance tour de force. This unforgettable track probes the duality of Yin and Yang, leaving an indelible impression. "Sun's Seven" is an extraordinary album teeming with artistic brilliance and musical innovation. Sun Lite's fervour for honouring musical greats while forging a unique path radiates in every song. It is indeed, an absolute creative milestone that will captivate and leave listeners yearning for more.

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