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'Buddy's a Dud': NeverUnder's Rollercoaster of Anger and Defiance


Introducing NeverUnder, the sensational rock band led by the talented singer-songwriter, Noah Roovers (24). Based in the heart of UK-London, they've been tearing up the British and Scottish live music scene with their epic sound. Their independent music never fails to leave the crowd in awe, except for that one time they rocked a posh London pub. Even the wildest rockstars have their rebellious moments, right?

Heavy contrasting beats colliding with an intensely ferocious lyricism , this is a significant expression of rage.

‘Buddy’s a Dead’, a much frivolous beat narrative that dives deep into the feelings of anger, rage and a scrawny lyricism, tells us to celestially breakthrough from the shackles of settlements, this indicates a rather thunderous response to situations and feels like electrifying submergence of grunge, alt-rock and punk.

Test this frivolous hard rock reverie down below -



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