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Bright & Breezy: Sunny Strums and Zestful Chords of Gianfranco GFN's 'Are You Lost'

Gianfranco GFN returns to the masses with the bass-driven lively notions of his brand new release 'Are You Lost' and this will capture your heart like nothing else! Gianfranco GFN devoured the usage of multiple instruments and soundscapes in a single track, and this is the fresh feeling dessert that we get! A musical maestro whose artistry comprises influences like 70s-driven jazz, bossa, funk, blues and rock, Gianfranco's creativity knows no bounds. With his first solo album LINEA capturing massive critical accolades, his sound is full of energy and would make you feel good. Let's witness the magic of his brand-new release!

Gianfranco GFN
Gianfranco GFN

A beautiful summer-loving track that is a kaleidoscope of profoundly surreal music, 'Are You Lost' feels like a beautifully processed marmalade, ready to be slurped by those who listen to it! 

With the funk-driven soft rock synths forming the bass of this melody, which comprises instrumentals like saxophone, mellow acoustic and bass, this is the perfect smooth-gliding summer track you didn't know you needed. This also touches upon themes of a newborn romance and is super fun and wholesome to listen to. Each verse and beat here is worth savoring, and I am super mesmerized to listen to this fun-loving reverie. I'd recommend everyone to listen to this and fall in love with music.

Test this soulful melody down below -

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