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Blissful Red draws inspiration from old music styles and creates the new in "Front Street"

Blissful Red is a Lo-Fi/Indie artist from North East England. In an era where the essence of music has undergone quite a lot of transformation, his songs are a fresh take on lyricism. His music pays homage to predecessors of the music industry like Eliott Smith, Belle and Sebastian who have left an indelible impact on Blissful Red’s mind. He draws inspiration from these erstwhile singers and crafts music that is akin to them but also unique to our own era as well. Blissful Red’s music is for all, the young, the old and all that is in between.

Blissful Red
Juggling the two eras in perfect harmony, Front Street (Gone For Good) bridges the gap between the music tastes of generations.

Blissful Red’s new track “Front Street” is a serene love song that will add a beautiful touch to your moments of tranquillity. This Indie Rock song is also a testament to the artist’s pledge to authenticity in his music. Front Street casts a look at the bygone era with a fresh take. The artist has infused his own unique modern touch whilst keeping the nostalgic touch of the bygone era intact thus creating a unique blend of old and new that can be enjoyed by a diverse audience. “Front Streets (Gone For Good)” is definitely a song for all and sundry!

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