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Blending in 70s music to new age pop by Paul Bibbins in the EP, Disenchantment at a Distance

Paul Bibbins, guitarist songwriter, and solo artist hailing from Dallas, Texas has brought a high-energy EP to the table. He is an artist who knows what he likes and how to execute it. Rock fans, get comfortable with being out of your element, and embrace the unfamiliarity of the non-standard rhythms. Don't be surprised when you find yourself enjoying something new and undeniably unique.

Paul Bibbins
Raw, refreshing music from Paul Bibbins; a solo artist bringing classic rock with ultimate authenticity.

This new four-song EP, Disenchantment at a Distance is all bout the style inspired by Jimi Hendrix and instrumentation that starts off too loud from the intro itself.

We suggest listeners close their eyes, take a wild ride and hop on to the iconic era of the classic rock genre, with mixed elements from today's musical landscape. The raw, authentic arrangements and the artist's devotion to his work make this experience undeniably amazing and unheard of in today's music scene. The effort put into this EP, Disenchantment at a Distance gives off a vibe reminiscent of 60s/70s, pop and rock. If you are searching for old tunes with not too complex lyricism and new tunes, you are at the right place, tune into the tracks of The EP, recommendations would be "Thrill Walk" and "Bold, Beautiful...and Long Gone".

The lyricism holds power in his songwriting abilities, we see the journey of decade-long practice is finally fruitful to him. The arrangements, instrumentation and vocals are top notch with a few instances of humor being evident in the title track as well. On elaborating his precision and skill to channelise the guitar riffs is on par with excellence.

"Thrill Walk," is the track which makes you walk through the life of the artist. A better understanding towards his music and instances of humour is seen in the whole set of four tracks. The artist did not miss one thing in his instrumentation, from arrangements to vocals everything fits in the right place. For listeners, it is a pleasure to have this track on board.

We now have come to the conclusion, highly recommended to tune into Disenchantment at a Distance. With imperfections and a lot of depth this track, "Vista Valley Drift" articulates the nature of the music of the artist who not only puts up unpolished sound but in a very melodic which does not go unnoticed. A challenge to listeners to dive deep into his music, particularly if searching for a rock genre jam with instrumentation, and vocals which fit right in the place blending with the rock and roll tunes.

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