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Beyond Voltage: The Metallurgic Marvels of Parham Gharavaisi's 'Mirror's Gaze'

The thunderous hard metal creative Parham Gharavaisi returns to the music scene with his latest hard metal damnation,' Mirror's Gaze'! A solo musician and producer with albums spanning different genres, Parham's artistry is a bizarre music experience that caters to sounds of post-rock Hard Rock and Melodic Metal. As someone who has produced 8 full-length albums since his debut in 2019, he solely carves his sound with just an electric guitar and bass duo and then proceeds to rewire the main sound with computer software. Let's witness the wrath of this insanely magnificent artist via his latest tune!

Parham Gharavaisi
Parham Gharavaisi

A fresh and vinyl jolt of energy that releases an urge to create a change, this single unleashes itself as the ultimate sonic wildfire!

With highly pulsating beatscapes of hard metal and savage lyrics that unravel unhinged emotions of anger and rage, this is an absolute masterpiece. As a single about navigating and leashing out one's inner animal, this release feels like the backdrop of a fight scene that sends a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners. It is rejuvenating, and wild and has verses of electric guitar that are healing and energizing, making it the perfect ball of energy that everyone must experience for once.

Test this electrifying metal tune down below -

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