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Bassline Battles: Alt Rock's Pulsating Showdown with Shyfrin Alliance's 'Whiskey Blues'

Shyfrin Alliance returns to the masses with a thrill-packed journey of their brand new tune, 'Whiskey Blues' and it is too iconic to ignore! Having received training in piano as a child, Ukraine-based Eduard set his footsteps in metallurgy and business early on in his life. It was only until a crisis later that he became curious about finding the meaning and purpose of life. Having multiple feathers in his cap, he has also established a name for himself as a profound writer with his Amazon Bestseller 'From Infinity to Man: The Fundamental Ideas of Kabbalah Within the Framework of Information Theory and Quantum Physics'. Let's explore the majestic realms of his sound via this brand-new release!

Shyfrin Alliance
Shyfrin Alliance

Capturing the rock riffs of pure funk, the title here draws inspiration from Eduard's special love for Whiskey and is a doze of hard-wired adrenaline, to say the least!

Deep diving into utterly dramatic drums, a gospel blues chorus and blues guitar licks, this is too much drama and cinematic rage in just one song. Carrying forward the notion to seize the day despite the challenges one faces, this is a vibrant melange of Hammond organ and Edward's authoritative bass synths that take over the soundscapes of the song by surprise. This is the perfect amount of chaos to be labelled as art, and the perfect amount of funk an alternative rock sound could ever carry. I'm mesmerized by the energy of this sound and I believe so will the masses! 

Test this energizing melody down below -

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