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Ballads of Benevolence: Tranquil Embraces of Mick J. Clark's 'There's Nothing Anybody Can Do'

Back with liberating the music scene with his sombre releases, Mick J. Clark returns to the music scene with his latest release,' There's Nothing Anybody Can Do'! With over 1 million streams on Spotify, Mick has gained a No.3 in the UK and No.2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 songs in June 2020, the artist is on the verge of becoming a global icon. This brand-new release is a ballad that extends a hand of gratitude to the cause of healing the aftermath of a broken relationship and is a true masterpiece in disguise.

Cover Art of Mick J. Clark's 'There's Nothing Anybody Can Do'
Cover Art of Mick J. Clark's 'There's Nothing Anybody Can Do'

A track embracing natural healing, this feels like a wise memo of words geared towards the brokenhearted and about going with the flow in life.

Adapting a nonchalant way of life, this tune embraces the fact that life is super random for everyone, and sometimes our plans might not come to life. Exploring the bonds formed out of love in detail caters to providing shelter for the broken hearts close to us and is an unhinged moment of truth that will surely awaken one from within. With its poignant lyrics, 90s-inspired mellow dreamscapes and soothing guitar verses, this feels like the backdrop of a rom-com movie. It is extremely soothing, and mystical and feels almost dreamy while narrating life's deepest truths and bringing light to living carefree in life.

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