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All the Calm & Chaos Behind 'Den of Sins' By Energy Whores

Energy Whores
Energy Whores

New York-based band Energy Whores returns with their latest single, "Den of Sins," an indie-sonic spin on a classic, released on April 24th. The electro-punk-pop group, created by singer/songwriter Carrie Schoenfeld and guitarist Attilo Valenti, focuses on the alarming realities facing many Americans due to growing political tensions. Their previous releases have been featured in publications like 'She Makes Music,' 'Rough,' 'Lost in the Manor,' and 'EDM Rekords.'

Energy Whores uses blunt storytelling to prompt action, bold lyrics and an experimental sound blend of electro-indie, pop, disco, rock, and 80s synth. Dubbed "avant-garde art rock" by Indie Rock, their music aims to be meaningful and dance-inducing.

Deriving inspiration from Bob Dylan and the bold streams of 'Rage Against the Machine', "Den of Sins," is an indie-electronica twist on a classic folk song. It features a family's fair day with upbeat synths, pop drums, and a darker parallel story of a gunman preparing for a mass shooting. The haunting finish includes auto-tuned vocals about killers escaping and dying for someone's twisted pleasure. Energy Whores aims to provoke action through candid storytelling, offering an outlet for those frustrated with the U.S. situation to dance away their pain. Their music is purposeful yet encourages listeners to dance.

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