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Yearning Melodies: Exploring Bromsen's Labyrinth of Love


Enter the pulsating, electric realm of Bromsen, an energetic Indietronic duo rooted in Berlin's thriving core. Conceived in 2021 by the ingenious musical duo, Richard and Karlo Bromsen, their mutual love for concocting infectious tunes manifests in a hypnotic blend of synth-wave and guitar components. Their bewitching debut features three extraordinary singles – "Merryman", "The Photograph", and "We!" – leaving a dazzling impression on the indie music landscape. The world has become enamoured with their distinct sonic aura as their hypnotic melodies echo across airwaves spanning North America, the UK, France, Brazil, and further. With every note, Bromsen lures listeners into their melodious voyage, igniting the imagination as melodies intertwine and indulge in the exhilarating allure of their awe-inspiring musical cosmos.

A song that feels like a surreal neverending midnight car drive on a road full of palm trees, 'Read About It' speaks volumes about how the artist's love interest just cries and makes a fool of herself.

As Bromsen's captivating piano tunes cast a spell of intrigue and enigma, they escort the listener on a voyage filled with yearning. "Read About It" is an evocative tribute to the labyrinthine nature of love. It's melancholic hues and soul-stirring melody reverberate long after the refrain fades, leaving the listener awash in an exquisite, poignant sadness. Bromsen has crafted an enduring opus that will stir emotions for generations to come. "Yes, I know you wanna write about it, but maybe you can read about it," these words cleverly allude to the title and ambience of the song. Encoded within the melody is a subtle message from Bromsen to his beloved: rather than writing down her emotions, she should delve into reading about them. Ultimately, this melodious journey illuminates a path of comprehension and acceptance for the artist's paramour—an invitation to savour life at a gentler pace, appreciating the world through a wiser and more refined lens.

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