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Wordplay Wonders of Proklaim's 'BAD TING': Hip-Hop's Tail of Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs

Proklaim is back on the grind with soulful serenades of his brand new melody,' Bad Ting'! As someone who's constantly playing with the dynamics of the ordinary, Proklaim is the torch-bearer of creating a genre of his own. His sound comprises and reflects upon a plethora of sonic elements like lo-fi, afro, alt-pop, hip-hop and rap, thereby paving the way for him as a niche artist. Drawing inspiration from legends in the game like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Wulang Clan, Biggi and Nas, he has also enticed the masses with his appearance in the 'Kingz' video that aired on MTV Base. He stands by the narrative 'Carpe Diem' and expresses how writing music is always a rush of endorphins for him. Let's witness the dreamscape of his latest tune!


With a lo-fi-infused sound so playful and groovy that almost sounds as if it's tangerine, this would be a perfect add-on to your playlist this summer!

"Only because it's real we celebrate, only because it's real we elevate", with such a poignant lyrical landscape, Proklaim always transcends the boundaries of ordinary hip-hop and the realism of his life's thoughts peaks right through his anthems. Being grateful and living in the moment for the granted course of life, this single creates an extravaganza around the happenings of his course of life, generating an esteemed sense of respect and love for him. Channelling vivid expressions of passion, thoughtfulness, gratitude and a sense of clarity, the track seems to convey notions of how life has a beautiful way of making sense eventually, despite the twists and turns. He also conveys how challenges and turns excite him and are something he's always prepared for and looks forward to.

Test this upbeat melody down below -

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