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Whispers of the Unknown: Folk-rock Ode to Humanity's Unsettling Realities with Backstrom's 'Animal'

Backstrom releases yet another dystopian moment of truth, his latest single 'Animal' in collaboration with Bart Topher! An independent singer-songwriter hailing from Sweden, Backstrom is an independent musical force whose unique caters to genres like country, folk and rock music. Returning to the music scene after a long halt, Backstrom wrote a lot of tracks during the winter of 2023. It's about time to finally witness the musical wrath of Backstorm's 'Animal'!


Catch a glimpse of truths, a track that'll speak to your own, to be your real self, Animal that you've always been.

A four-minute-long metaphorical masterpiece that lurks to see beneath the ordinary,'Animal' is a narrative that talks about the multiple masks one wears until one cannot anymore, a trigger point, a circumstance or a moment of darkness shows their real side to everyone - the side everyone fears to see. This ventures into the deepest darkest secrets of humanity that all of us are aware of and a part of, but we never talk about it. Poignant lyricism, epic plots and climaxes and a sad violin to complement the themes of the saddening realities of our lives.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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