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When music meets serenity: 'Taste Of Light' by Nathalie Bonin is quite exquisite.

Nathalie Bonin
Nathalie Bonin

The charmingly multi-talented artist Nathalie Bonin composes glamorous musical delicacies by playing and twisting together the exciting styles of contemporary classical violinists to urban hip-hop and even aerial performances. When listening to her compositions, you will surely be consumed completely in the realm of rhythmic art, and as a classical music enthusiast myself, I was unimpeachably swooned by her performances. Nathalie is also a multi-award winner, and with her musical prowess, her artistry has ripped through great heights and achieved a great amount of success. Her compositions and performances have also been featured on Netflix shows like Bridgerton, Good Sam, and New Amsterdam.

The rhythm of Nathalie Bonin's music is layers of tranquil and exhilarating notes following the previous one with utmost perfection, and with every proceeding beat, the song enchants your soul even more.

Nathalie's newly added set of harmonies to her collection of gems is 'Taste of Light', an enlightening classical ten-track album released on April 5, 2024. This album is not just another project for Nathalie as she has worked extremely hard to capture the tiniest of instrumental details to concoct the way to a delightful journey through the assorted landscapes of emotion and storytelling.

Beginning with the title track 'Taste of Light', we witness a rather slow and mellow pace in the song, a profoundly crafted melody to tame the core of the listener's heart and soul and compel them to indulge in each of the succeeding soundtracks. Following with 'Prestigious Emblem', a truly beautiful and emotive harmony, which takes you back into 19th century Britain during the Regency Era, and is markedly featured in the trailer and marketing campaign for the upcoming season of Netflix’s signature television program, BRIDGERTON.

With each upcoming track following these, we are blessed with a new aura and harmony of classical beauties, each expressing a different emotion and story. Namely 'Criminal Tango', 'Death Moon', and ' Delicate Debate' are a few of the tracks of this album that will leave you satisfied. Seamless strums of violin and remarkable cinematic scores intertwined together into an unending thread of enchanting harmonies. 'Taste of Light' is an album that lives up to its praise and has earned its place in the musical industry.

Experience the beauty of these melodies down below:

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