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Vessna Scheff's new single glides like 'BUTTER'

Music came into Vessna's life along with a ukulele she purchased for $14 from a thrift store. Eventually building on her skills and absorbing new inspiration, she started incorporating mesmerizing lighting and visual arts into her performance. Soon other artists like poets and dancers got on board and helped her achieve a comprehensive concert experience. She started her career in San Francisco and later moved to the East Coast where she started making music with Lee Clarke, a Philadelphia-based music producer. Her mellow sound captivates the listeners and her sound is simple yet full of details. Elements from Jazz, R&B and essence from the 80s are what make her music distinctive.

Vessna Scheff Artist
Vessna describes the world from her rose-colored glasses that you see through when in love.

BUTTER is a fun but lowkey track that touches on the topic of being infatuated and obsessed with a particular person. The 90s style synth with her perfectly hit harmonies makes the listeners immersed in the music. The single goes well anywhere, be it a disco or your ride back home after a long day. She captured her inspiration for this track from Adult Skate Night (Also known as Black Skate Night at rinks) and created this mesmerizing piece with the producer, Lee Clarke.

Test the tune down here-



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