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Vaulting Venom: Raging rhythms of Coma Beach's 'I Won't Listen'

Coma Beach
Coma Beach

Featuring the four most electrifying tracks from their previous album 'The Scapegoat's Agony,' all compacted for this release, Coma Beach is excited to introduce the world to their latest EP 'I Won't Listen'. Conceptualizing the sentiments of shock, chaos, pain, wrath, and solitude and shaping them into stupefying soundtracks, this band's music sounds like dancing skeletons and mystical eerie. Founded by the singer B. Kafka, guitarist Captain A. Fear, and drummer M. Lecter, the bassist U. Terror and rhythm guitarist M. Blunt are the new additions to Coma Beach, filling the gaps of the past and completing the group.

Phenomenal and flabbergasting: 'I Won't Listen' is a hard-hitting literary and artistic piece exploring the elements of storytelling and soft punk at places.

The EP begins with the title track 'I Won't Listen', an homage to the play "Waiting for Godot" by Irish playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett, exploring the agonizing and torturous emotional voyage of the unnamed antihero. The production evokes a sense of sympathy and anger in the audience as it proceeds forward.

Moving along, we reach the next piece of this rollercoaster 'The Past of The Future', symbolizing the merciless and invincible whirlpool of time that never stops. "The Past of The Future", meaning the present, which moves forward every passing second with no warning. The emotional odyssey of the antihero comes into action.

The next inversion we ride upon is 'Passion', a twist in the story we have embarked upon, revealing a deeper bend in the antihero's emotional state that he discovers despite resolving the immediate mental turmoil. A slow-burning track with anguish vocals, that seem to be filled with emptiness.

Reaching the final drop of the ride, 'Another Song' is a perfect ending element for the EP, unveiling a different unserious emotion than the other songs. Satire and skepticism. The most common coping mechanisms we all resort to.

The entire project is a thrilling ride through a story that might be a lot more relatable for the audience. The purging pumps of punk rock infused with the disrupting dynamic vocals of the singer make the EP all the more interesting and alluring.

Take this amazing EP for spin down here:

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