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The West Order compose an atmospheric and echoey ballad which is reminiscent of how we perceive love

The West Order
The West Order

The West Order are a rock group devoted to creating timeless music which travels through the lands of their home country Scotland to an enthusiastic audience worldwide. With sounds authentic to their own newly found style, the group are all set to release their debut full length EP which according to many is a great modern spin on traditional rock music.

"The Girl With No Name" is a smorgasbord of dreamy sounds brilliantly stacked together to build a composition which feels exactly like a rewind of all our memories, as we slowly float into an expansive array of emotions."

A new sound that is known to have been loved by multitudinous school of listeners lately is that of some weirdly tweaked version of a song which people find to be nostalgic. You might have come across popular YouTube videos such as "You're in the bathroom at a party in 2013" or "You're at a pool party and Doomsday by MF DOOM plays in the background". This tune will give off the same aura to the listeners, but in a much more polished manner.

The West Order begin this dreamscape ride with a rubbery sound reminiscent of that of The Beatles, a huge influence in their musical journey, and then slowly drift into an even more echoey and distant sound as the song pans out to be such a beautiful rundown of the events the speaker of the lyrics sings about. It sounds exactly like the fleeting memories of a relationship which one cannot put into phrases, but rather some briefly described feelings. The same feelings we feel when we can easily describe how everything we did with this particular person was like a spiritual journey but metaphorically, when you're asked the name of this person, you're just unable to pen it down.

If you are into music that takes no time in blending into the atmosphere, and happens to be pretty emotionally heavy, you're surely going to adore this one. Reminiscent of the sounds of bands like the aforementioned "The Beatles", early works of Arctic Monkeys and a song called "Call it fate, call it karma" by The Strokes, the song successfully adds another dimension to how traditional rock music can be moulded into something truly awe-inspiring.

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